Our Lady of Good Counsel
& St. Vincent dePaul
436 South 2nd Street
Bangor, PA 18013
(610) 588-5445
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Our Lady
Saturday: 4pm
Sunday: 8:45am

St. Vincent
Saturday: 6:30pm
Sunday: 11am

OLGC and St. Vincent dePaul’s
Weekday Mass and Confession Schedule:

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Rectory Office Hours:
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Main Church
Main Church
100 Years Anniversary
Wooden Sculpture
St. Vincent Church
St Vincent Inside
Main Church Center
Jesus Stained Glass
Our Mission Statement


We recognize that we are a sacrificial giving and welcoming community rooted in the gospel mission of Jesus Christ. It is for each of us to adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church while recognizing our responsibility to proclaim the Good News to a world wounded in need of God’s healing love, forgiveness and guidance.


We strive to be a family, sharing our time, talent and treasure in Christian stewardship – a spiritual center inviting all people, through every state of life, to a ministry of service to those in need.


What Does It Mean To Be An Active Catholic?


Those seeking to celebrate Marriage, have a child or children baptized, or serve as sponsors for Confirmation or Baptism need to request a Letter of Eligibility stating that they are active parishioners and practicing Catholics. To receive such a letter, one must be registered in the parish for at least 3 months, attend Mass regularly, and be committed to a stewardship of time, talent and treasure. We encourage all parishioners to be active in any of our parish ministries.


Once an individual reaches the age of 18 (even if still living in the families home), they are considered to be an adult and need to register in the parish as such.

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